Adventure Travel in Mexico

We can classify the journey as one of the activities that bring benefits to the economy of a country and entertain most of the world's population. In this period the chances that we have to travel by plane, for example, or with super fast trains, have resulted in shorter distances. In this way the trip becomes something that is within everyone's reach that allows fast shifts for both business and leisure travelers anywhere in the world. Not surprisingly, some time ago we started thinking even to travel to the moon.

Live different experiences even staying in one place

In the world there are many places to visit and each of these has different looks and different possibilities that allow you to experiment and engage in types of travel and then completely different experiences. There are destinations that can offer completely different travel types, moving just a few kilometers or even without moving at all. A country that among all is distinguished by a varied offer and articulate and who today is a destination where many people want to go is the Mexico.

Holiday opportunities in Mexico are really numerous and allow to reconcile different experiences and pleasant activities without having to move too much for experiencing them. A trip to Mexico will allow you to reconcile tropical sea adventure.

The site of Tulum: Archeology, sea and Maya

Among the various Mayan settlements, the site of Tulum is a perfect example of how one can equate a adventurous holiday to discover the ancient ruins of Mayan civilization and a relaxing holiday on white beaches and warm Tropical waters of the Caribbean.

On the fine white sand that overlooks the Caribbean Sea lie the remains of Castillo, probably a watchtower belonged with certainty to the Mayan civilisation that, given its proportion, denotes some concern of external invasions and a definite desire to want to protect their own territories with care.

The site is interesting and beautiful both from an archaeological point of view, offering truly spectacular views; In addition, the beach is just minutes away from the city and is fully equipped. In addition to Castillo, the site of Tulum, you can visit several other buildings.

Some specific tourist information

If your trip to Mexico will take you to visit the ruins of Tulum, here are some simple and useful indications to be prepared at the appropriate time.

Access to the ruins is protected and you must pay a ticket; the cost is very low (it's just a few euros, about 40 pesos). Access to the site is allowed only cars up to the parking lot which is about a mile from the area of the site. For this reason it is best to arrive early in the morning and avoid finding a excessive heat and a long crowd of visitors.

Bicycle Tours South East Asia

The idea of a bicycle trip through Southeast Asia has ancient origins in our hearts, since working holidays in Australia. Re-entry planned overland was skipped, but Chase dreams has always been one of our weak and then four years after we jumped on a plane and we plunged into the chaos of Bangkok just ten months later we packed the bikes again to bring them back home with us!

Between flights, we rambled a bit for some of the most popular countries among the so-called "backpackers, backpacking travelers who depart adventure full of dreams and a few kilos of baggage. The first days were tragic but enlightening: crossing the Thai Central Plains, in the midst of a flood that has left millions of people in the street, we enter into a moving reality. Although they had lost everything and formed aboard unarmed Street, thousands of Thais saluted us smiling, welcoming us as friends rather than helpless intruders. Often there were offered drinks, food and accommodation from people who drinks, food and accommodation was scarce because of the catastrophe that had affected them.

For our part, we talked to people, smile and shared our experience, serving as entertainment and distraction, trying to forget these though, even just for a few minutes, their tiny condition. The generosity of these people opened their hearts to us, giving us the strength to continue in our journey to Laos, the country of the assault of children that we were seeking for hundreds of meters remain and shouting their astonishment. Pagodas, temples, mountains, forests, dust and mysteries there led to the great river, the Mekong, which we followed up to the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, the Pearl of Asia. Another people massacred and wonderful, the Khmer, showed us the wonders of their own tradition and the atrocities of madness polpottiana. After a carefree interval between the southern islands of Thailand, we have thrown the Muslim world of the East, passing through the most advanced and devastated (from an environmental point of view) of the countries of Southeast Asia, Malaysia.

We expected a tropical nation covered with virgin forests, especially in the area of Borneo, and on the other hand, apart from small protected reserves, the hand of progress has cleared biodiversity, drawing a monotonous flat landscape made up of a single immense palm oil plantation, punctuated here and there by smoking chimneys.

The largest archipelago in the world, Indonesia has seen end our adventure on two wheels allowing us to reach the pinnacle of the effort up and down to the volcanoes of the remote island of Flores, after admiring the smoldering National Park cones of the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru and waters off the coast of Lombok.

It will be an adventure that we will not forget, as is always the case, especially for facts along the way rather than to the places visited, don't ever forget Mohammed who welcomed us at home as children, or Mr. Too that offered us a delicious seafood lunch overlooking the ocean, or Dani who mistook the bearded face of Leo to that of Osama Bin Laden and despite this, we were welcomed with open arms in his hut believing his mosquito net, unique amenities that you could grant.

Different Festivities Asia

The festivals are on their way as the fashion is changing over time, so people are desperately waiting for what's next.

You plan to travel in Asia within the next year, and are looking for some festive fun to participate? Well, look no further-we have researched a number of the most amazing Asian holidays for you to check out on your travels.

Travel in Asia: Pulilan Carabao Festival

Travel in Asia: Parade of the God of medicine

You'll probably never see a water buffalo adorned like this! If you travel to Pulilan in the second week of may, you will witness the homage to the patron saint of farmers, San Isidro Labrador. Families take their precious water buffalos, scrape away the dirt, shave them, oil, prepare and then parade around the town square, dressed as a King. The priests of Asian cities then kneel down and ask the buffaloes to bless them, promising health and wishes for next year at all, including visiting travellers.

The 15 day of the third lunar month, the city of Taiwan is taken over by this world-renowned Asian Festival-a must for travellers in the area for its spectacular parade. The core of the celebration are Pao Sheng Temple 160 in Taipei and Tzu Ching Temple in Hseuhchia. Led by a group called Centipedes, faithful attending cities across parade you knock down to be trampled, as symbolic of their demons esorcizzante.

Asia: travel Yasothon Rocket Festival

Travel in Asia: Asakusa Samba

In mid-May, noisy things Asian travellers to Phaya Thaen Park in Thailand. Historically, the festival started as an offering to the gods of heaven, exploding rockets beautiful to encourage rainfall for crop growth. Nowadays, the event has become something more than a sport, with races to see whose rocket can fly farther, and explodes.

Toyko is version of the Rio Carnival happens every August in Asakusa district. Travellers in Asia and natives alike are amazed by the colorful costumes sequins and feathers of Samba dancers, with their full band marching down the road on their side.

Travel in Asia: the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts

Hong Kong hosts this unusual event, held yearly on day 14 of the seventh Moon (sometime in August, during the full moon). Legend says that the gates of hell have been opened on this day, and the dead who cannot rest were left to run the streets mischievously. The Yue Lan Festival, as it is known in Chinese, natives of the city putting up monuments in odd paper all roads, which are then burned ceremoniously on the last day.

Travel in Asia: The Monkey God Festival

The monkey of God first appeared in Chinese literature during the Ming dynasty in the book, "Pilgrim in the West". Since then, this deity was celebrated during the month of September in Sau Mau Ping, Kowloon Temple, recreating a bizarre attempt by other the other gods — which includes things like a ladder of knives, charcoal and burnt down. Travelers to this strange Asian celebration doesn't want to be bothered, though-the Monkey God lived, and so do the participants in this celebration.

Nepal Adventure Travel

Have the best of both worlds makes this landlocked country of Nepal must-visit for any adventure-loving tourist. Nepal nature with high mountains, rivers, forests and beautiful landscapes. Science has given this country, modern facilities which are used by tourists for adventurous trekking and rafting. The opportunities afforded by touring and Nepal are virtually limitless. Trekking on the high ground and rough of Himalayan is one of the most exciting and thrilling can do. Rafting in the river's whitewaters fast Nepal is worth living. The deep and thick forest cover Nepal's makes it an ideal place to take a safari through the jungle.

Thinking about adventure travel abroad? You've put any thought into the best places where to go when it comes to adventure travel abroad? The Nepal is one of the most popular of all, when you visit this magical country you'll have the best adventures right there at your fingertips. Only adventure travel abroad in Nepal will give you this kind of opportunity, so if this isn't on your list of possible places to visit but it's time to put it in there!

In Nepal your overseas adventure travel is going to be fascinating. You get to see the Himalayan mountains and experience all that the rich nepalese culture has to offer. They are an incredible people who have managed to cling to their culture and beliefs longer than many other countries. When you travel abroad adventure will take you in Nepal you will be able to see all the fantastic and one-of-a-kind Lakes and Woods and you can even spend days or weeks camped in their forests with a specialized guide. And the falls in Nepal are to die for, you won't see anything more beautiful in your life as their waterfalls! This should be high on your list of overseas adventure travel destination for sure!

When you get into adventure travel abroad you're going to have to bring your own supplies, at least some of them. For example the walking shoes are a must, as well as special jackets and so on. These can literally save your life when you are out there in the desert so you don't forget when you are packing for your travel adventure abroad.

When you arrive in Nepal you will find that the most popular of all adventure travel abroad there is trekking. Thousands of people come to this country every year to trek through the mountains and forests. It will become generally trekking with a group of people, many of whom visitors in adventure travel overseas. You will have an experienced guide and all specialized taking you along a journey and this trip can last anywhere from a day to a week, depending on the type of adventure travel abroad you are interested in

Those who manage the Trek usually bring their own staff, the staff is there to help you with everything you need and carry all the camping gear. They often also carry the bag for you when you go on this kind of adventure travel abroad. They are simply there to make your travel and trekking easier and more enjoyable and relaxing. This staff overseas adventure travel will also be people who cook for you every day and who set and breaks the field when required.

There's no better place to go for your travels abroad adventure of Nepal. It is a cosy and hospitable place where you can get back to nature and enjoy the wonders of the world through adventure travel abroad.

Travel Tips To South Korea

South Korea is a place of breathtaking beauty, with its colorful pagodas, seas, mountains and bays and has been a major tourist attraction. Persons interested in making a trip to this place could easily do it holding teaching jobs there.

South Korea is one of the smallest Nations in Asia, with a size comparable to that of the State of Indiana. What it lacks in size it makes for abundant culture, turbulent history, exquisite cuisine and a welcoming and generous society.

A little before trip to Korea
The Korean peninsula has been literally and figuratively stuck between a rock and a hard place, namely Japan and China for most of its existence. The region was prosperous under the three kingdoms of Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla during the first four centuries after Christ until the Mongols raided the land and built an empire. The 16th century brought the end of the Mongol Empire and the beginnings of a massive game of tug of war between China and Japan on strategic mass. After World War II, Korea finally broke free from Japan, with the USSR, Northern administration and the United States occupying the South. Today the North and South are two sovereign nations separated by a demilitarized zone. The South Korea is officially known as the Republic of Korea (ROK) and commonly referred to simply as Korea.

There is still blood in Seoul
Despite the fact that Seoul was largely destroyed during the Korea war (1950-53), the northern part of the capital is still home to hundreds of spectacular palaces and shrines. The Chosun dynasty is Gyeongbokgung Palace is a landmark 5,400,000 square metres with 500 years of history and is located between the other four palaces in Seoul. Almost an entire day you must explore the Royal Palace in all its magnificence. The Jongmyo Royal shrine is an ideal stopover after, while in the Chosun dynasty worshipped. On the first Sunday of may each year a traditional commemorative ceremony takes place at the sanctuary with all the grandeur of this occasion 500 last year.

The southern part of Seoul is the commercial centre of the city and boasts a charming blend of traditional architecture and hyper-modern. It is also home to World Cup Stadium, finely textured shopping and even an amusement park, Lotte World. Be sure to visit the city gates, and then venture beyond the surprisingly lush and green for travel Korea more personal.

When I travel in Korea
The Korea has a temperate climate, which results in heavy rain in the summer months (July and August) and a dry winter. Winter is snow and white throughout Korea and the ski season from November to March is extremely popular. There are 13 ski resorts in South Korea alone! After a day on the slopes is common to relax in one of the many spas with natural thermal baths. Summer is very crowded and very humid in Korea. For milder climate is better to travel Korea in spring or autumn.

En route to the South Korea at any time of the year is sure to be an exciting and rewarding experience, regardless of the weather!

Asian Therapy Massage Spa

When it comes to popularity in the field of massage therapy, types of Eastern bodywork techniques are never loosening giving customers the best results from relaxation to therapeutic benefits. The peoples of Asia are more in alternative health care than people in other continents. This is true as seen on evidence found on scrolls, caves, and places where these people of various nationalities in that continent had left writings, drawings and paintings depicting the practice of these body manipulation techniques.

There are several forms of ancient Asian massage still practiced in the world today. Asian massage techniques are ancient rituals of healing developed over the centuries in India and the far East. Thai massage, shiatsu massage and Asia are becoming increasingly popular in the West as more and more people are interested in pilates, yoga and other holistic forms of exercise and relaxation.

Thai massage actually started in India. It is a form of stretching and massage therapy Meridian pressure point Wizard in combination with an ancient breathing method called "Pranayama". This technique uses breathing techniques to relax and cleanse your body, while strengthening the nervous system. Sessions usually end with a final ritual relaxation that most customers find intensely soothing.

Acupressure or Chinese "Tui Na" was developed more than 5000 years ago. By applying pressure to the body in a few key points, acupressure therapist helps the body to activate their self-healing ability. Acupressure has been used for centuries to treat backaches, headaches and migraines, stress and anxiety. It is deeply relaxing and may have simply assist the patient with weight management.

Japanese Shiatsu is another type of massage developed in the far East. Focuses on energy and to rebalance the physical well-being with their thumbs, palms and fingers to apply pressure to parts of the body. Advantages of this type of massage include rebalancing of the skeletal system, circulatory function, maintaining the balance of the nervous system and skin and muscle flexibility.

Indonesian Javanese massage is a massage that uses all parts including hand, knuckles to knead and massage muscles. Usually a massage oil is used to facilitate treatment. This massage works on the muscles and nerves to relieve tension, back pain and aid in healing fractures. Of all Asian massages, this is the most robust, and the massage is often painful, although very useful in the long run.

Whatever your preference, there are many ancient Asian massage treatments to choose from. Explore the options of massage by adding one of these interesting and beneficial massages for your health regime.

Emei Mountain Chengdu

The Emei mountain, known in Chinese as Emeisha, is one of the four China mountains sacred to Buddhism. 150 Kilometers from Chengdu, they are mountains covered with varied vegetation, where they grow many medicinal plants and it is famous not only for its beautiful scenery, but also by the appearance of the Sun, a sea of clouds, the Buddhist splendor and its sacred Lantern.

The Baoguo Temple represents the entry to the Emei mountain. It was built by the Ming Guang Taoist. Its original name was Hall Hui Zong, which means the room where join Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. All these religions can be considered to majestic Emei as their spiritual home, where unite as one. Visitors can do nothing but praise his greatness.
Further on is the Bailongtong cave and after crossing more than half an hour starting, we find the Wannian monastery, which was the first temple which is built on this mountain. This temple is a famous image of gilt bronze of Puxian bodhissatva. With a weight of 70 tons, was cast in the year 960. The sutras of leaves of pattra, relic of an imperial seal and a tooth of the Buddha are preserved in this temple, all of this is honored by Buddhists as the three Buddhist treasures of Emei.

To walk from Temple Wannian to Qingyin Pavilion, it feels as if you were in a world of pure and vaco. Flow streams of gentle flows on both sides and two small bridges connecting this meeting place. Emei is so immense that up this single section appears to cover an entire universe. Listening to the birds sing, sit on the face of the breeze bursts, springs emanate gushes and the leaves fall. Her beauty is so simple that it is very difficult to describe with words.

Other temples are: Tempo Fuhu, Qingyin Pavilion, Hongchun platform, etc. These places at different altitudes, have also different climates. The temperature at the top of the mountain is 15 degrees Celsius lower than that observed at the foot of the mountain. This temperature difference, the Emei mountain gives life to more than 3000 varieties of plants and many species of animals. Therefore, the Emei mountain is also called Museum of nature

More than 1 600 years, a bonzo the India, he climbed the highest Summit of the Emei mountain. Surprised at the beauty and magnificence of its landscapes, said that this mountain was "the first of China".

It is, indeed. It rises as a vast emerald green screen, southwest of the Chengdu Plain. Its outline, that is drawn on the horizon, evokes the face and thin eyebrows of a maiden. Hence comes the name of Emei. Includes four adjoining peaks: Da'e, Er 'e, San' e and if ' e, and joined the mountain Qionglai, one of the chains of the Kunlun extends over 200 km. The mountain gives ' e, which includes itself many exotic peaks and magnificent sites, is the most visited.

The highlight - the peak Wanfo-, which dominates at 3 099 m altitude, is much higher than the famous five sacred mountains of China (Taishan, Shandong); Hengshan, Hunan; Huashan in Shaanxi; (Hengshan, Henan) Emei mountain agwpa numerous steep ridges, steep cliffs, deep gorges, beautiful waterfalls and impetuous torrents. Equipped with warm and humid climate, is constantly hidden by mist and precipitations are very abundant in spring and summer is everywhere a lush vegetation and slopes full of flowers that open.

Lawyers from different eras left number of poems and inscriptions, which are subject the beautiful landscapes of this mountain. A poet of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) wrote: "the Emei mountain rises over a vast sea of clouds;" "birds fly between the ridges, making thousand turns and tops Pierce clouds evoking green lotuses receptacles". He synthesized and characteristics of its magnificence, its beauty and its stillness.

The halo above the "Golden Summit" is one of the ten wonders of the Emei mountain. Buddhists believed that these glow emanated from the front of Buddha. In fact, it's the refraction of sunlight. Sometimes bystanders see, to move there, their own silhouettes in the light ring of different colours.

This rare natural phenomenon attracts the curiosity of many people. In the past this meteorological phenomenon was surrounded by mystery. Therefore, climb to the top Golden and visit the Emei mountain and see the Buddhist halo was considered reason for Supreme happiness.

The mountain Emei with the Wutai in Shanxi; the Putuo, Zhejiang, and Jiugua in Anhui, are the four famous Buddhist mountains of China. According to legend, these are the places where four bodhisattvas preached his doctrine.

In the Emei mountain, it was the field of activity of Samantabhadra. At the beginning,