Traveling to India Tips

In western India for us the first impression is strong especially the hygienic conditions are not what we're used to, and if you are "tourists do it yourself" I recommend you choose the right hotel.

So the first problem: hygiene. I recommend that you spray with distilled water and essential oils of lemon, grapefruit, and tea tree. If you are passionate about aromatherapy and essential oils, and you have some at home, also add the essential oil of white thyme or thyme linalool.

The essential oil of lemon is to carry, also because it is fruit, and unless you have a super gut, in India do not eat fruit and you will want (and then you sgamati travelers, you pull out a nice packet of honey bought in Italy , pour a drop of lemon and eat it there, behind bevendoci hot tea).

But believe me it will seem like fiction personal history

If you feel strange while you're there, take a drop of lemon and tea tree honey in the mouth, and see if it improves. If you are particularly sensitive, take only leave out the lemon and tea tree essential oil.

When I was in India last time I brought the ravintsara, which is an antiviral and antibacterial essential oil, with which I found very well. Do not forget the essential oil of lavender, you will need in case of cuts, pains, and sometimes smells remind you that in India there are.

If you think you might need something for any muscle cramps also brought lavender essential oil of peppermint, which is a good analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Mint is also a good anti-nausea.

To make this kit aromatherapy arrivals to India, I remind you that now we are on planes rather strict rules for this type of material, and then put the olietti in a transparent bag, they sell well at airports, and show them once in several steps. Otherwise you risk that kidnapped them there.

I remember when I went to India last time, believe me, I could give up the suitcase but not to the oils and in fact I was right: they served to me and other people in the group with which I traveled. An essential oil does not hurt more, believe me. And for the gut: if you're delicate, bring the milk enzymes, or an appropriate remedy. I took the capsules of essential oils that I bought in France, so I advise you not because you would find here. But bring something, including a drug or a natural remedy for possible diarrhea. Then you'll be fine and you'll be fine, but if you ever have ... is better to have remedies in hand!


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