Emei Mountain Chengdu

The Emei mountain, known in Chinese as Emeisha, is one of the four China mountains sacred to Buddhism. 150 Kilometers from Chengdu, they are mountains covered with varied vegetation, where they grow many medicinal plants and it is famous not only for its beautiful scenery, but also by the appearance of the Sun, a sea of clouds, the Buddhist splendor and its sacred Lantern.

The Baoguo Temple represents the entry to the Emei mountain. It was built by the Ming Guang Taoist. Its original name was Hall Hui Zong, which means the room where join Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. All these religions can be considered to majestic Emei as their spiritual home, where unite as one. Visitors can do nothing but praise his greatness.
Further on is the Bailongtong cave and after crossing more than half an hour starting, we find the Wannian monastery, which was the first temple which is built on this mountain. This temple is a famous image of gilt bronze of Puxian bodhissatva. With a weight of 70 tons, was cast in the year 960. The sutras of leaves of pattra, relic of an imperial seal and a tooth of the Buddha are preserved in this temple, all of this is honored by Buddhists as the three Buddhist treasures of Emei.

To walk from Temple Wannian to Qingyin Pavilion, it feels as if you were in a world of pure and vaco. Flow streams of gentle flows on both sides and two small bridges connecting this meeting place. Emei is so immense that up this single section appears to cover an entire universe. Listening to the birds sing, sit on the face of the breeze bursts, springs emanate gushes and the leaves fall. Her beauty is so simple that it is very difficult to describe with words.

Other temples are: Tempo Fuhu, Qingyin Pavilion, Hongchun platform, etc. These places at different altitudes, have also different climates. The temperature at the top of the mountain is 15 degrees Celsius lower than that observed at the foot of the mountain. This temperature difference, the Emei mountain gives life to more than 3000 varieties of plants and many species of animals. Therefore, the Emei mountain is also called Museum of nature

More than 1 600 years, a bonzo the India, he climbed the highest Summit of the Emei mountain. Surprised at the beauty and magnificence of its landscapes, said that this mountain was "the first of China".

It is, indeed. It rises as a vast emerald green screen, southwest of the Chengdu Plain. Its outline, that is drawn on the horizon, evokes the face and thin eyebrows of a maiden. Hence comes the name of Emei. Includes four adjoining peaks: Da'e, Er 'e, San' e and if ' e, and joined the mountain Qionglai, one of the chains of the Kunlun extends over 200 km. The mountain gives ' e, which includes itself many exotic peaks and magnificent sites, is the most visited.

The highlight - the peak Wanfo-, which dominates at 3 099 m altitude, is much higher than the famous five sacred mountains of China (Taishan, Shandong); Hengshan, Hunan; Huashan in Shaanxi; (Hengshan, Henan) Emei mountain agwpa numerous steep ridges, steep cliffs, deep gorges, beautiful waterfalls and impetuous torrents. Equipped with warm and humid climate, is constantly hidden by mist and precipitations are very abundant in spring and summer is everywhere a lush vegetation and slopes full of flowers that open.

Lawyers from different eras left number of poems and inscriptions, which are subject the beautiful landscapes of this mountain. A poet of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) wrote: "the Emei mountain rises over a vast sea of clouds;" "birds fly between the ridges, making thousand turns and tops Pierce clouds evoking green lotuses receptacles". He synthesized and characteristics of its magnificence, its beauty and its stillness.

The halo above the "Golden Summit" is one of the ten wonders of the Emei mountain. Buddhists believed that these glow emanated from the front of Buddha. In fact, it's the refraction of sunlight. Sometimes bystanders see, to move there, their own silhouettes in the light ring of different colours.

This rare natural phenomenon attracts the curiosity of many people. In the past this meteorological phenomenon was surrounded by mystery. Therefore, climb to the top Golden and visit the Emei mountain and see the Buddhist halo was considered reason for Supreme happiness.

The mountain Emei with the Wutai in Shanxi; the Putuo, Zhejiang, and Jiugua in Anhui, are the four famous Buddhist mountains of China. According to legend, these are the places where four bodhisattvas preached his doctrine.

In the Emei mountain, it was the field of activity of Samantabhadra. At the beginning,


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