Different Festivities Asia

The festivals are on their way as the fashion is changing over time, so people are desperately waiting for what's next.

You plan to travel in Asia within the next year, and are looking for some festive fun to participate? Well, look no further-we have researched a number of the most amazing Asian holidays for you to check out on your travels.

Travel in Asia: Pulilan Carabao Festival

Travel in Asia: Parade of the God of medicine

You'll probably never see a water buffalo adorned like this! If you travel to Pulilan in the second week of may, you will witness the homage to the patron saint of farmers, San Isidro Labrador. Families take their precious water buffalos, scrape away the dirt, shave them, oil, prepare and then parade around the town square, dressed as a King. The priests of Asian cities then kneel down and ask the buffaloes to bless them, promising health and wishes for next year at all, including visiting travellers.

The 15 day of the third lunar month, the city of Taiwan is taken over by this world-renowned Asian Festival-a must for travellers in the area for its spectacular parade. The core of the celebration are Pao Sheng Temple 160 in Taipei and Tzu Ching Temple in Hseuhchia. Led by a group called Centipedes, faithful attending cities across parade you knock down to be trampled, as symbolic of their demons esorcizzante.

Asia: travel Yasothon Rocket Festival

Travel in Asia: Asakusa Samba

In mid-May, noisy things Asian travellers to Phaya Thaen Park in Thailand. Historically, the festival started as an offering to the gods of heaven, exploding rockets beautiful to encourage rainfall for crop growth. Nowadays, the event has become something more than a sport, with races to see whose rocket can fly farther, and explodes.

Toyko is version of the Rio Carnival happens every August in Asakusa district. Travellers in Asia and natives alike are amazed by the colorful costumes sequins and feathers of Samba dancers, with their full band marching down the road on their side.

Travel in Asia: the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts

Hong Kong hosts this unusual event, held yearly on day 14 of the seventh Moon (sometime in August, during the full moon). Legend says that the gates of hell have been opened on this day, and the dead who cannot rest were left to run the streets mischievously. The Yue Lan Festival, as it is known in Chinese, natives of the city putting up monuments in odd paper all roads, which are then burned ceremoniously on the last day.

Travel in Asia: The Monkey God Festival

The monkey of God first appeared in Chinese literature during the Ming dynasty in the book, "Pilgrim in the West". Since then, this deity was celebrated during the month of September in Sau Mau Ping, Kowloon Temple, recreating a bizarre attempt by other the other gods — which includes things like a ladder of knives, charcoal and burnt down. Travelers to this strange Asian celebration doesn't want to be bothered, though-the Monkey God lived, and so do the participants in this celebration.


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