Bicycle Tours South East Asia

The idea of a bicycle trip through Southeast Asia has ancient origins in our hearts, since working holidays in Australia. Re-entry planned overland was skipped, but Chase dreams has always been one of our weak and then four years after we jumped on a plane and we plunged into the chaos of Bangkok just ten months later we packed the bikes again to bring them back home with us!

Between flights, we rambled a bit for some of the most popular countries among the so-called "backpackers, backpacking travelers who depart adventure full of dreams and a few kilos of baggage. The first days were tragic but enlightening: crossing the Thai Central Plains, in the midst of a flood that has left millions of people in the street, we enter into a moving reality. Although they had lost everything and formed aboard unarmed Street, thousands of Thais saluted us smiling, welcoming us as friends rather than helpless intruders. Often there were offered drinks, food and accommodation from people who drinks, food and accommodation was scarce because of the catastrophe that had affected them.

For our part, we talked to people, smile and shared our experience, serving as entertainment and distraction, trying to forget these though, even just for a few minutes, their tiny condition. The generosity of these people opened their hearts to us, giving us the strength to continue in our journey to Laos, the country of the assault of children that we were seeking for hundreds of meters remain and shouting their astonishment. Pagodas, temples, mountains, forests, dust and mysteries there led to the great river, the Mekong, which we followed up to the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, the Pearl of Asia. Another people massacred and wonderful, the Khmer, showed us the wonders of their own tradition and the atrocities of madness polpottiana. After a carefree interval between the southern islands of Thailand, we have thrown the Muslim world of the East, passing through the most advanced and devastated (from an environmental point of view) of the countries of Southeast Asia, Malaysia.

We expected a tropical nation covered with virgin forests, especially in the area of Borneo, and on the other hand, apart from small protected reserves, the hand of progress has cleared biodiversity, drawing a monotonous flat landscape made up of a single immense palm oil plantation, punctuated here and there by smoking chimneys.

The largest archipelago in the world, Indonesia has seen end our adventure on two wheels allowing us to reach the pinnacle of the effort up and down to the volcanoes of the remote island of Flores, after admiring the smoldering National Park cones of the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru and waters off the coast of Lombok.

It will be an adventure that we will not forget, as is always the case, especially for facts along the way rather than to the places visited, don't ever forget Mohammed who welcomed us at home as children, or Mr. Too that offered us a delicious seafood lunch overlooking the ocean, or Dani who mistook the bearded face of Leo to that of Osama Bin Laden and despite this, we were welcomed with open arms in his hut believing his mosquito net, unique amenities that you could grant.

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  1. Thanks for this post. Hope so that I will also be able to visit this place in my next holiday trip. I m fond of visiting new places and hope so that this will be my next destination after Australia with a detailed Australia Road Map in my hand.