Adventure Travel in Mexico

We can classify the journey as one of the activities that bring benefits to the economy of a country and entertain most of the world's population. In this period the chances that we have to travel by plane, for example, or with super fast trains, have resulted in shorter distances. In this way the trip becomes something that is within everyone's reach that allows fast shifts for both business and leisure travelers anywhere in the world. Not surprisingly, some time ago we started thinking even to travel to the moon.

Live different experiences even staying in one place

In the world there are many places to visit and each of these has different looks and different possibilities that allow you to experiment and engage in types of travel and then completely different experiences. There are destinations that can offer completely different travel types, moving just a few kilometers or even without moving at all. A country that among all is distinguished by a varied offer and articulate and who today is a destination where many people want to go is the Mexico.

Holiday opportunities in Mexico are really numerous and allow to reconcile different experiences and pleasant activities without having to move too much for experiencing them. A trip to Mexico will allow you to reconcile tropical sea adventure.

The site of Tulum: Archeology, sea and Maya

Among the various Mayan settlements, the site of Tulum is a perfect example of how one can equate a adventurous holiday to discover the ancient ruins of Mayan civilization and a relaxing holiday on white beaches and warm Tropical waters of the Caribbean.

On the fine white sand that overlooks the Caribbean Sea lie the remains of Castillo, probably a watchtower belonged with certainty to the Mayan civilisation that, given its proportion, denotes some concern of external invasions and a definite desire to want to protect their own territories with care.

The site is interesting and beautiful both from an archaeological point of view, offering truly spectacular views; In addition, the beach is just minutes away from the city and is fully equipped. In addition to Castillo, the site of Tulum, you can visit several other buildings.

Some specific tourist information

If your trip to Mexico will take you to visit the ruins of Tulum, here are some simple and useful indications to be prepared at the appropriate time.

Access to the ruins is protected and you must pay a ticket; the cost is very low (it's just a few euros, about 40 pesos). Access to the site is allowed only cars up to the parking lot which is about a mile from the area of the site. For this reason it is best to arrive early in the morning and avoid finding a excessive heat and a long crowd of visitors.


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  2. Thanks for this lovely post. I think I would definitely visit Mexico and visit all these beautiful places . You had simply explained all the steps to visit these place but then I will keep a detailed road map as in my last Germany trip I missed my detailed Germany Road Map and faced problems in reaching up-to my destination.