Scuba Diving South East Asia

This article describes a number of the higher dive sites in South East Asia. As a scuba diver, you may most likely apprehend that scuba diving in South East Asia has continually been highly regarded due to its vast species of marine life and wealthy diversity of colourful corals.

As a matter of truth, there are several world category dive sites during this region and with its glorious underwater visibility, South East Asia is indeed a scuba diver's haven. So, here are a number of the highest dive sites in South East Asia several of that I even have dived in many times.

We shall begin with Indonesia and after all, the island of Bali can not be neglected. maybe the foremost dived website in Bali is that the Liberty wreck. The wreck was a US army logistic ship sunk by Japanese submarine torpedoes throughout the last world war.

Liberty wreck lies within the depth of regarding 10m (32ft) to 30m (100ft) over 120m (385ft) of the ocean bed. Divers will see guns, toilets, ship anchor chain among alternative things of a typical shipwreck. The wreck is heavily encrusted with corals and brightly adorned with gorgonian ocean fans and ocean anemones.

Scuba divers will encounter massive faculties of trevally and over four hundred species of marine fishes and even exotic colonies of elusive garden eels.

Similan island in Thailand is another fascinating dive website. Similan is found off the coast of Khao Lak that was hit badly by a Tsunami 2006. 9 granite islands created up the Similan islands. These islands are coated by luxuriant tropical rainforests surrounded by pristine white beaches and turquoise blue water.

This area may be a protected national park. Below the water lie a sprawling underwater garden of deep canyons, coral gardens, huge granite boulders, caves and walls. Liveaboard scuba diving is that the norm here.

Sipadan Island in Malaysia was created famous by Jacques Cousteau's documentary entitled Ghost Of the ocean Turtles. this is often an oceanic island that isn't connected to any continental shelf that rises regarding 2000 ft on an awesome limestone pinnacle and mushrooms out at the surface.

Many dive magazines have named Sipadan together of the most effective dive sites within the world and reported to possess the most important style of soft corals within the world. At Sipadan, scuba divers can encounter exciting drift dives, fascinating coral formations, turtles, lobsters, barracudas and even numerous species of sharks.

Manado, northen Sulawesi, Indonesia is that the gateway to world category dive spots within the Bunaken National Park. Muck diving, that means diving for small critters on the seabed in Manado bay is that the norm here. during this a part of Indonesia, you may encounter exhilarating wall dives, drop offs, huge napoleon wrasse, reef sharks and conjointly another shipwreck.

Layang Layang in Malaysia may be a breathtaking atoll. it's a part of a shoal cluster within the South China ocean called the Spratly islands. Here, large numbers of barracuda roams the water, massive pelagic fishes and sharks build this place home. don't be stunned if you're investigated by a college of hammerhead sharks.

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