Halong Bay Vietnam Cruise

There is a time when advise to visit Ha Long Bay, North Vietnam, which still retains its charm with all temperatures, with the sun and rain. However, November is the ideal month if you want a mild climate (between 21 and 26 degrees) and dry.

The name Ha Long means "descending dragon" and derives from a legend that at the time when the Vietnamese were fighting against the Chinese, the gods sent to the rescue of the dragons, who began to spit jewels that turned into a myriad of small islands rock to form a wall.

Been thinking about the Loch Ness monster? The magic of this bay is not very dissimilar. Surfing in Ha Long means immersing oneself in a quiet South China Sea, dotted with islands of sandstone, subject to the erosion of wind and sea, seem spiers and pinnacles. Sometimes, in the mist of early morning, you could really ask if you are in Vietnam or in Scotland. But when the sun is high and on the surface of the emerald sea are visible coral reefs, there is no doubt, can only be Ha Long.

From Hanoi is very easy to buy a package for a harbor cruise travel agencies. Usually a car will pick you up at the hotel and takes you to docking of the boat, the boats used are typical of the junks from the red sails draped. There are boats from two or more persons, depends a little 'to you: you might want to live intensely the mystery of the area or take advantage of the undeniable romance. Typically you will be accompanied by a guide who speaks English, at least two sailors and a cook. The food is always excellent and simple: crustaceans, fish and rice. You can surf, visit the caves and the larger islands, swim at dusk or at any other time of day. If the boat is yours second the crew willingly to your wishes: but Love Boat!


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