Temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Today many of the temples remain on restoration, but that mixture of Hindu, Buddhist art and the voracity of the Cambodian jungle have cooked a cocktail that will leave open-mouthed to the most experienced of travellers. Let's take a stroll through the most important temples of Angkor and you will understand why.

How to get to Angkor and how to move?

Aircraft landing at the international airport of Siem Reap is the way quickly and conveniently get to Angkor. There are flights from the capital of Cambodia, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Thailand, or Singapore. However, there are also buses and airboats.

Once in Siem Reap, the way to scroll through Angkor will depend on the budget of the traveller. Bicycles, motorcycles, minibuses, moto-taxis, even elephants can be hired. However, due to the high temperatures reached in the jungle, I recommend you rent a car with air conditioning and guide that can cost about $30.

The essential three of Angkor

To see well the Angkor temples would be needed at least three days. However, many people visit this area as a complement or climax to a journey through Southeast Asia, and on many occasions have to go to the grain. In this sense, if you go very caught in time, there are three temples which I consider essential.

The most famous and spectacular of all is Angkor Wat. It's a huge complex to which is worth devoting many hours. This temple city was erected in honor of the Hindu God Vishnu, although currently the Buddhist monks that pray within its walls.

The main shrine is surrounded by two walls that saved their spectacular five towers shaped like Lotus Flower. It is worth waiting for the Sun to put or early much to see as the first rays light up the walls. It is something magical.

Another of the most breathtaking temples is Ta Prohm. Where these archaeological remains are today, 3,000 villages that were populated by about 80,000 people were. The Khmer Empire was gradually disappearing while nature continued to grow at will. The large ceibas now share space with this monastery.

Travellers should not fail to visit Bayon. Located right in the Centre of the complex called Angkor Thom. It's a very enigmatic place whose main characteristic are its 54 towers with faces smiling facing the four cardinal points.

As you can see, a walk through the temples of Angkor in Cambodia gives to many anecdotes, experiences and adventures. Those who you seek exotic trips in the Cambodian jungle you toparéis with one of the most breathtaking cultural wonders of the world.

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