Travel to Thailand

Thailand is the State than Asia, located in the central part of the Indochina peninsula, and part of Malacca. This is to the South of China.

It borders; to the North with Burma and Laos, to the Southeast with Cambodia, to the South by the Gulf of Siam and the Malay Federation on the West by the Ocean Indian and Burma. It has important tourist cities such as: Thom Buri, Songkla, Chieng Mai, etc.

This country is very diverse geographically, has some impressive mountains and a very fertile plain, is a country that is preferentially dedicated to agriculture, produces much natural rubber, tobacco, beans, manioc, sugarcane, rice, etc.

In their industries are the food and textile industrial, labour is quite cheap and is for that reason that other clothing accessories, bags, and handicrafts are exported to other countries.

Its population consists of Malays and Chinese, there is no official religion and practice Buddhism, Christianity, Muslims and Confucians. A representation of that religious faith is its beautiful and architectural Temple Benchamabopirt, all marble in Bangkok, however this is not the only Temple which has the architectural beauty.

Travel to Thailand
Thailand is an ideal tourist destination for honeymoons and travel related to great moments in the personal life of each person, a country that enchanted tourists.

Thailand is a quite traditional country, their customs are well rooted, to for example:

The greeting for them is similar to the Indian with a head tilt and joining hands.

Not it is frowned if two people of the same sex walking hand in hand, but if are of different sex if it is in bad taste.

If you want a wonderful and magical place for your honeymoon, only deciding, Thailand is the place preferred for the newlyweds, is an exotic country. The dance has a very important role. This dance is divided into three categories: Khon, Lakhon and Likay-Khon.

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